Press release: Melissa Mazzeo questions significant lack of response to recent violence.

“Having gone door-to-door throughout the city, it’s not only the
West Side that is questioning the lack of responsiveness to recent
violence….it is every resident of the city, “ the candidate stated.

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Melissa has dedicated her career and life in the Pittsfield community to service. She serves as the Board President for The Gladys Allen Brigham Center/ Girls Inc., a multi-service organization focused on education and empowerment for children, and girls in particular. Melissa is also a member of Zonta International, dedicated to advancing the status of women, and an active volunteer for the Ralph Froio Senior Center and the Here At Home Committee, welcoming soldiers back to Berkshire County from active duty. Learn more about Melissa.


 You could be the difference.


“I will be your mayor every day,
all day from Day One!”


I’ve been your hard-working, responsible, and accountable at-large city councilor for ten years.  Over these past three years, I saw that I could be doing more if given the chance and it’s why I’ve made the leap of faith to run for mayor.  And that leap is because I believe in this city and its remarkable families, elders, and veterans.  Over these past months, many have asked, ‘What’s your vision, Melissa?’  My vision is simple and it’s what we all want:

1. I want Pittsfield to be a city where we can walk down any street at any time of day and know we are safe.

2. I want Pittsfield to be a city where parents choose to keep their kids in our schools and teachers happily remain as teachers because there is no other school system that’s better.

3. I want Pittsfield to be a city where small businesses are not burdened by outdated laws and regulations and where they see the mayor’s office as welcoming and engaging.