Mazzeo Launches Bid For Pittsfield Mayor

iBerkshires: This past winter, Melissa Mazzeo was being asked about piles of salt being left on the sides of the roads.

The small trucks weren't working properly. She said she talked to the commissioner of public services about it but didn't really have any authority to do anything. And now, the city's budget is some $2.1 million over in the snow and ice line and will have to transfer money from other places to cover it.

While the issue with the trucks can't be attributed to all of that overage, Mazzeo said it could have been reduced a bit if those trucks were repaired right then and there.

"If I heard that, I would say let's have a meeting. Let's fix the truck if that's what's needed," she said envisioning herself in the city's corner office.

After a decade on the City Council, Mazzeo is now seeking the top administrative post. She will be challenging incumbent Linda Tyer for mayor. Mazzeo believes her detailed-oriented style as well as being proactive and hands-on will make her an effective mayor.

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Melissa Mazzeo