Press release: Mayoral candidate Melissa Mazzeo questions significant lack of response to recent violence

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 2, 2019

PITTSFIELD – Mayoral Candidate Melissa Mazzeo released the following statement regarding the lack of response to recent violence on the West Side of Pittsfield.

“Having gone door-to-door throughout the city, it’s not only the West Side that is questioning the lack of responsiveness to recent violence….it is every resident of the city, “ the candidate stated.

“I spent this past week on the West Side and one resident relayed - 'I have lived here my whole life and have never seen it so bad' - No one in this city should feel that one. Why is the mayor not holding large community meetings? Why is the police chief not responding as to what his strategies are to combat this level of unacceptable crime? Why is the DA so incredibly slow in providing information about the recent incidents to the public? It leaves me wondering if the right-hand knows what the left hand is doing.”

Mazzeo’s comments come by way of multiple violent incidents on the West Side of Pittsfield where one resident recently commented to the mayoral candidate, ‘It’s just crazy….crazy.’

“I have looked at other communities who have successfully reduced their crime and it’s never about how many police officers a city’s about how they’re used. There are models such as the Patrol Allocation Plan which was used by New York City decades ago which took their existing police and deployed them in massive numbers to neighborhoods seeing spikes in crime...why is Pittsfield not doing this? In New York, the mayor and chief of police were working hand-in-hand to get crime under control. While we are certainly not NYC, it is time we start looking to other communities that have seen a reduction in crime. Rather than trial and error, we need to identify policing strategies that will keep our community safe.”

“As Mayor, I will work day in and day out with our department heads to find solutions to this frightening problem. Inaction will not stand. We have too many dedicated and talented police who can and should be deployed effectively.”

Mazzeo is one of four candidates, including incumbent Linda Tyer, running for mayor. The primary is set for Tuesday, September 17, with polls open from 8am to 8pm.


Melissa Mazzeo has formally launched her campaign for Mayor of Pittsfield, following confirmation from the City Clerk that she has collected enough certified signatures to secure her place on the ballot. The formal launch included a large campaign headquarters open house on Friday evening, June 21.

Melissa Mazzeo