Press Release: MAYORAL CANDIDATE MELISSA MAZZEO Springside Shooting and Mayoral Response Unacceptable


Pittsfield — A violent shooting occurred Monday night in one more of Pittsfield’s most concentrated neighborhoods.  Four years ago, following a tragic shooting, then mayoral candidate Linda Tyer’s response was that the current mayor’s policies and actions ‘had failed the city.’  Today, Melissa Mazzeo is asking the following, “What is Mayor Tyer’s response now? She has had four years to work with Chief Wynn and other law enforcement to take whatever resources necessary and combat an issue that is crippling our city.  Who will she blame now?”

Mayoral Candidate Mazzeo went on to say the following, “I believe the following to be absolute: 1). The Mayor can no longer lay blame on others. It may have worked for her first campaign. It will not work now. 2). We need immediate and true hot spot policing. Policing where our officers are able to play to their strengths. To do the job we know they can do if allocated in the right way. 3). We need a mayor who should have pressured Chief Wynn to call in the Massachusetts State Police and the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office to bring critically needed support to our already stretched officers working around the clock.”

Mazzeo, a five-term city councilor, respected for her research, responsiveness to residents, and asking tough questions closed with the following, “We cannot take four more years of empty promises.  When residents can’t walk in their neighborhoods without looking over their shoulders, change in the corner office is not only necessary, it is imperative.”

Matthew Moses