There's a hunger to be Pittsfield's mayor, and the table is set for four

Berkshire Eagle: The race is on for City Hall's corner office.

Incumbent Mayor Linda Tyer faces three challengers — Scott Graves, Karen Kalinowsky and Melissa Mazzeo. During sit-down interviews with The Eagle, the candidates trained a spotlight on economic development, public safety and on Pittsfield's future. …

As mayor, she would work to proactively address emerging issues rather than react to them as they crop up. As an example, she said Reid Middle School went without a school resource officer during the last school year, and by the end of it, its students were wielding BB guns in Springside Park.

"I get very frustrated at the reaction that we do, and not the pro-action," she said. "There's no reason why we shouldn't have had a resource officer for two years. And now there's one there. It's a reaction to an incident."

Mazzeo also feels that the city must be more business-friendly. She said she'd like to attract new shops into vacant storefronts and try to move the juvenile court facility to the second floor so that it wouldn't occupy prime first-floor real estate on North Street.

"We need consistency along the way while you're walking," she said.

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Melissa Mazzeo